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Installation requirements for triangular belt of centrifugal fan

Date of publication:2023年03月28日   Source of information:www.yonghecheng.com
The installation requirements for the triangular belt of the centrifugal fan are very strict
1. Belt too tight: it can cause frequent belt damage, overheating of the rear bearing, and bearing damage is also the main cause of vibration. If the rotor vibrates, resonance can also occur.
2. Loose belt: The friction decreases, the belt slips, causing idling, insufficient power transmission, and the fan does not achieve the expected effect. The correct installation method should be to press the middle of a belt with your fingers, and the pressing depth should be between the thickness of one belt and the thickness of two belts.
Formula: δ= 0.016l (l: pulley center distance mm) requires three points a, B, C, and D to be connected in a straight line and parallel to each other.
3. The triangular belt shall have the same specification (batch). If the lengths of the same specification are different, they should be the same length. It is strictly prohibited to use one or more belts on the assembly, as this can overload other belts and cause rapid belt wear. It is prohibited to mix new and old belts.
Regardless of the type of V-belt selected, the model and quantity of the pulley should be clearly observed before installation,
The above is the installation requirements for the triangular belt of centrifugal fan summarized by Suzhou Yonghecheng Fan Industry Co., Ltd. For you, if you have any related knowledge that you do not understand, you can consult us